I have used Activ8 Oil Additive on many vehicles!

I have used activ8 oil additive on many vehicles, but the biggest notice I have found was on the MHB, the engine always runs smother after putting activ8 in and seems to pull much better.

I have been in the motor trade from when I left school in 1972 working on HGV’s and vans. I went to the motor bike show many years ago and saw the demo of this product and could not believe it, so I tried the demo myself and it worked . You will always get people believe it makes no difference but will not try it for their self . I have no connection to the company, but I will use it on all my vehicles from now on because so far have never had an engine failure and have got more money back in fuel costs . And to answer the old question, if it’s that good why don’t oil companies put it in their oil?

Well. Would pay all the extra it would cost? It’s well worth the money it costs. Thank you activ8 for a product that works!