Compressors, Chains, Slides & Linkages and Cutting Tools


In Compressors

Can be used very effectively in compressors of all types. Please contact ACTIV8 Customer Care.


On Chains, Slides & Linkages

Can be used either in liquid form or grease. Reduces wear, heat, noise and vibration. To apply as a liquid, in situations that might throw off the liquid lubrication, it may be advisable to pre-heat components to above 50 degrees centigrade prior to the application of ACTIV8.


On Cutting Tools

Give added life to your high-speed steel cutting tools and hand tools: such as drills, taps and dies. ACTIV8 dissipates the heat from the cutting edge and reduces overheating and metal pickup on the tool. This gives a better finish to the job and prolongs tool life. Application is by way of direct drip, swab, brush or spray to the tool or the job.