Activ8 Chain Care

Our friction-reducing formula helps to extend chain life by up to 500%, reducing the roller and link wear (chain stretch). Using Stage 01 Chain Cleaner and Stage 02 Clain Lubricant helps to reduce chain replacement costs, increase economy and available power, all by reducing roller, link, and sprocket friction.

All Chain Types

For use on all chain types including O-ring, X-ring, Z-ring, and open/standard chains. Can be used successfully on all modern and classic chain-driven motorcycles and quads.

Stage 01 - Chain Cleaner

Activ8 Lubricants has created a highly efficient chain cleaner that not only cleans the components of your chain, it also helps to reduce lost lubrication with a lubricant primer. Stage 01 Chain Cleaner is effective when used on its own, but pair it with Stage 02 Chain Lubricant and its full chain protective system.


Whilst all cleaners (solvent and water-based) remove grime and waste lubricant, pre-existing lubricant can be degraded or totally removed. If the lubricant is not replaced it will lead to accelerated wear and shorten the life of the chain.

Stage 01 Chain Cleaner combats this by including a formulation that will temporarily pre-lube and protect as the cleaning action takes place, allowing a more efficient re-lubrication when using Stage 02 Clain Lubricant, on all chains including X, O or Z-ring types.

Stage 02 - Clain Lubricant

Activ8 has created an effective chain lubricant that not only protects the external components of your chain, it also assists in replacing degraded or missing lubrication inside your closed X, O, or Z-ring chains. Stage 02 works well on its own, but use it with Stage 01 and you have a full chain protective system.

Anti-fling – All Weather

Whilst delivering all the benefits of grease-based lubricants, by giving excellent protection to your chain in wet and harsh conditions, Activ8 will also provide protection normally achieved with dry lubricants by reducing the pick up of grime normally associated with ‘stickier’ grease.

This great combination includes highly effective anti-fling properties.



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